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About Me

I have a Master of Library Science and a BA in Journalism.

I am currently pursuing a doctorate of Leadership in Higher Education, which I expect to complete by 2015 (if the world isn’t taken over by aliens first).

I teach mostly ESL students at a community college in New York City... although I'd really like to teach on Mars.

How do I write an essay? is my second book (of a couple more coming... again, if the world isn't invaded by aliens first).

I am always trying new diets and - ahem - diet pills. Shoot me a line if:
  • You know the ultimate weight loss solution! 
  • Have a question about writing an essay 
  • Have finally decided to start reading but don't know what book to pick
  • You love me :-) 
 Yes, in that order. And remember

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." 

(I have no idea who said that but I like it).